Classroom Guidelines

Let yourself go and have fun! In our class, it is very important that the adults have musical fun! Young children learn most basic life skills from their parents and caregivers by watching, listening and experimenting on their own. Even if you think you are not musical you can model your pleasure, your enthusiasm and your desire to participate. Trust that your own process and enjoyment will teach children more than any actions you make them do.

Please do not bring cell phones into the circle with you, and please refrain from chatting during class.  This is your opportunity to put the cares of the day behind you for 45-minutes and give your child undivided attention. I know how tempting it is to snap those photos, but looking through the lens takes you out of the moment. Remember that you are setting an example for your child. Save social interaction for before and after class. Talking during and between songs takes you out of the musical moment, shows your child that it is acceptable to talk during class, and makes it difficult for your teacher to sing and be heard.

Please do not bring toys to class. They are distracting to your child and to everyone else, and take the focus away from music. In addition, a child who is holding something cannot tap or clap. If your child must arrive with a toy, please tell him in advance that it will sit on the table until class is over. I will back you up on this! Please also leave purses, keys, bags, shoes, coats and water bottles by the door to remove any possible distraction and to allow a clear space in which to move.

Please plan to arrive in the classroom 10 minutes before class is scheduled to begin. This will give you and your child time to settle in, say hello to friends, enjoy some music and be ready for class to start on time. This is very important! Arriving late is disruptive to all and makes the transition to music class difficult for your child.

No food is allowed in the studio. Bottles and cups should remain on the table and be used only for a quick sip or as a last resort. It is very distracting for children to see someone else with food or drink. Infants, of course, may be fed by bottle or breast as needed. However, if you are also attending with an older child, please be certain that your care of the infant does not interfere with your participation in class.

Monitor your children for their safety and for the safety of others. Common sense should prevail here. While children are free to move around the room as they see fit, please do not allow them to run as if they were outside.

Let's keep the germs down! In an effort to reduce the spread of germs, I wash the eggs after each class. While it is acceptable, expected and developmentally appropriate for your child to explore orally, it is your job to wash anything that has been in his mouth during the play-along, setting aside any non-plastic items that remain soggy. Purell and antibacterial wipes are available. Please use them freely.

Of course, you can't keep your child home with every runny nose. If the mucus is clear he may come to class, if not he should stay home. A child who has been ill should be vomit and fever free without Tylenol for 24 hours before returning to class. You know your child. If he appears ill please keep him home for the benefit of all.

Guest Policy. Grandparents and Spouses are always welcome. Other adult guests should be brought only occasionally. Please use your discretion when bringing adult guests to class, and please do not allow them to videotape for more than a few moments or to shoot more than a few photos. Siblings are welcome to visit once a semester. Please do not bring other children as guests.

Inclement Weather. I will notify you by text or email if class is canceled for inclement weather. I urge you to opt-in for text messages. We do not always follow the Croton School System's closings. If classes are canceled due to inclement weather or teacher illness, an additional make-up class will be scheduled. Should a class be canceled more than once for inclement weather, it will be your responsibility to schedule a make-up, at your convenience.

Make-Up Policy. Our generous make-up policy allows a maximum of two make-ups to be scheduled at another class time. This is a courtesy, not a guarantee that you will be able to re-schedule all missed classes. All make-ups must be scheduled and canceled, if necessary, via the Make-Up Scheduler. Please see the scheduler for more details.

Thanks for your cooperation!