Make-up Policy

Our generous make-up policy allows two make-ups to be scheduled at another class time.

This is a courtesy, not a guarantee that you will be able to re-schedule all missed classes.

Make-ups may be scheduled before an absence occurs, and should be scheduled as close to the actual absence as possible. If having difficulty scheduling a make-up, consider checking the Scheduler frequently and at the last minute, as space will open as it becomes available.

To make all space available to others, please Contact me in advance regarding all foreseeable absences. This does not apply to a missed make-up, which must be canceled via the scheduler. 

Make-ups MUST be canceled online via the scheduler. Those that are not canceled via the scheduler will be counted as an attended make-up, as space has been held by you and not released to others. 

Every effort will be made to accommodate those with extenuating circumstances.  

Thank you for your cooperation.