What People Say

See what our parents have to say about Linda's classes.

We LOVE our music classes with Miss Linda! Both our boys started when they were about 5 months old and we plan to continue through until they are too old to keep going. Thanks for fun, informative, and creative musical classes, Miss Linda! 

Alicia Mott


A long time has gone by since Julia and I sang with you in Croton at Music Together®. Julia's now 9 1/2 and in the 4th grade. Amazingly (and thanks to you!), she has the gift of both rhythm and being in tune. This morning she sang very confidently in a very small girl's choir at a First Communion Mass in our church here in Riverside, CT in front of a couple hundred people. (We moved from Briarcliff just before she started kindergarten in 2008.) She has " a sweet sound and good pitch" according to her music teacher at school. I'm totally convinced that the years we spent working with you played a large part in getting her to where she is today. And music -- singing in particular -- brings her great joy. I hope all is well with you.


Liz Peldunas

"Music Together is the single most wonderful thing I have experienced with my kids and I recommend it to everyone I meet! We just love the class and the CD's so much. I thought I had made some improvements in the past 2+ years of Music Together - thanks for noticing!!! Who knew it would be training for me as the parent also?"

Mimi Goodwin

It has been such a joy to watch Isabel grow from passive baby to fully engaged little girl in the class and I know that so much of that has to do with you. As 'regulars' it can sometimes be easy to take the weekly experience for granted, but as I watched my smiling Francesca dance with you today, it remind me how lucky we are to have you as a teacher and friend. Just wanted to take a few seconds to let you know how much you have given us and how much we appreciate you!

Maria Slippen

I wanted to write to thank you for being a part of my children's lives these past few years. Both Hunter and Sydney loved Music Together! You especially gave Hunter years of having a place where she could express her awesome dance moves and grow her love of music. As she moves on to new things now, I just wanted you to know how much we appreciated the classes, and that your love of music will go on to influence them both for years to come. 



Sarah Olvera

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. Benji's learned so much from you, and some of our happiest memories are from your class.


Your class inspired my children to love music! Everytime I see them tapping or clapping to the beat, I know it is because of you. I had fun too! I loved singing and making the movements to your songs as well. If you want to transmit a love for music to your children, go to Linda Thornton's Music Together class.

Rose Winton-Quintero

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience and to tell you that you are an amazing, engaging instructor. Thanks again!"

Toni McGinley

"What an amazing year we had! Being a part of your class with Ben will always be one of my most special memories of his early childhood."

Suzanne Gardos

"I really want to keep Jack in Music Together over the summer. He absolutely loves coming and I love watching him grow and experiment more and more with music and rhythm."

Rachael Becker

Thank You for helping Emily to discover the joys of music. Your professionalism and energy made class a pleasure for both of us.
Emily sings, dances, and taps rhythms at least once every waking hour. She laughs with glee when hearing the tapes/CDs. Thank You!


Thank you so much for the past 8 years of Music Together! You have provided our 3 children with the joy of music. You've been a wonderful teacher, and we've all greatly enjoyed your classes.We will miss you and this class! Thanks again for touching our lives with beautiful music and movement.


Thank You for an excellent 5 years of Music Together. We will always have beautiful memories of singing with you at the Bennett.


I so appreciate the influence that you have had on my children. I think Music Together will always be one of the most significant, positive experiences they had to give them a good solid base to start from. And the way you teach makes all the difference.


We can't wait to come back. Daniel listens to the music everyday and dances around the house. It's Great!


We've gotten more out of your Music Together program than any other activity we've done together.


You have given something beautiful and unique to each of my children that they will use and enjoy all their lives. Thank You!


Thank You for all the lessons you taught us this year. By the way, Isobel's favorite game starts with "I'm Linda". Then her Teddies and Dolls are arranged in a circle and much singing ensues. These are the "Halcyon Days". Thank You.


Thank you for giving so much of yourself in teaching Music Together. The class has been so good for us, and we both appreciated your bright smile every Monday. We will miss you.


Thank You for a wonderful season of music! You run a terrific program for the children, and I must admit I am sure I enjoyed the class as much as Julia did.


We thank you for many years of guiding us through rhythms, beats, movements and songs! It will be with us forever!!


Linda is a gifted educator, a talented musician and over the past 5 years has become a great friend. Her classes provide the perfect creative outlet for children and their caregivers in a warm, inviting space that immediately feels like home. The families of Croton on Hudson are so lucky to have her. 

Maria Slippen

We are so sad that this year with you is at an end, and look forward to returning in the fall. Thank you for your talent, energy, commitment and smiles!



"Linda is a very talented and energetic music teacher. I attended her Music Together sessions with my granddaughter and watched her model, perform, and motivate the children."


Christina Herzog